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When a person passes away, his or her estate must be settled. Under Mississippi state law, regardless of whether a person has left a will or not, the assets and debts of an estate must be determined through probate. At the Fox Law Group, our attorneys work closely with clients in settling estates through the probate process.

If necessary, we work with forensic accountants to track down hidden assets and certified public accountants in determining outstanding debt. While estate administration in Mississippi is fairly straightforward, there are a number of financial and legal issues related to taxes, asset transfers, property titles, and other matters that should be addressed by an experienced estate administration lawyer.

If you are the executor of an estate and need information and legal representation in estate administration, contact the Fox Law Group today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your case.

Does it matter if there is a Will?

The need to go through estate administration is not effected by whether or not a decedent left a will. In fact, probate or estate administration is designed to determine if there is a valid will and properly distribute the estates assets. Initiating the administration process involves filing a petition to publish the estate's assets and debts, which is necessary to provide notice for banks and creditors.

How will an Estate's Assets by Divided?

Under Mississippi state law, in order for assets to be distributed from the estate of the deceased to an heir or creditor, estate administration is necessary. If there is a legal, enforceable will that stipulates what assets are to be transferred and to whom, the court must still settle the estate through the probate process.

We can Help You avoid Headaches and Additional Legal Problems

Probate can be confusing when the sudden death of a family member leaves you with incomplete paperwork or missing bank account information. Our attorneys can reduce the stress and time associated with probate by helping you prepare required financial information and file necessary paperwork.

To schedule a free consultation to learn more about our probate law practice, contact the Fox Law Group today.

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