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Maritime and Railroad Litigation

Maritime and Railroad Litigation

Mississippi Maritime Litigation Lawyer
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Because of the unique and numerous hazards at sea and on the railroad, the U.S. Government passed special laws to protect injured victims, especially injured workers. Unlike other employees who have been injured on the job that cannot recover from their employers, employee victims of maritime or railroad torts may recover their damages from their employers. Maritime and Railroad torts are not limited to accidents in industrial settings and include accidents in recreational settings.

These causes of action may be brought not only in federal court, but also in state court. Therefore, special attention must be paid to ensure that the client’s case is tried in her forum of choice. To do this, detailed attention must be paid to the enabling statutes, the pleading process, and discovery.

If you or a loved one has been injured on navigable waters, including in an industrial or recreational accident, or on a railroad, you may be the victim of a maritime or railroad tort and have an actionable claim. Because of the statute of limitations, which precludes your claim if you delay filing, you should immediately contact the Fox Law Group, PA.

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