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An accident involving a semi tractor trailer, dump truck, or other commercial vehicle often causes more damage than a typical car accident because of a truck's large size. Truck accidents are also more complicated legally, because trucking is a heavily regulated industry.

In addition, multiple parties and their insurance companies are often involved. An 18 wheeler's tractor may be owned by one company and the trailer by another. Additionally, employers often coach their truck drivers in what to say and what not to say after an accident. As a result, truck drivers may attempt to shift the blame for an accident onto an unwary car driver.

At the Fox Law Group, we work with accident investigators in measuring skid marks, analyzing debris and damaged vehicles from a crash site, and interviewing eyewitnesses. Our attorneys also review a driver's log book, gas reciepts, and GPS data to determine if excessive speeding or driver fatigue played a role in causing an accident.

If you have been injured or a loved one suffered a wrongful death in a truck accident, please contact a Tupelo and Jackson Mississippi truck accident attorney at Fox Law Group, PA, today.

Injuries and Truck Accidents

We represent clients suffering from the following kinds of tractor trailer accident injuries:

  • Head trauma
  • Brain damage
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia
  • Amputations
  • Burns
  • disfigurement

Investigating the Cause of a Truck Accident

We will thoroughly investigate your case to determine how the accident happened. Was it due to driver fatigue, improper maintenance, improper loading, or a dangerous or defectively designed roadway? To find out, we will gather police reports, investigate the scene of the accident, and, when necessary, hire an accident expert to reconstruct the accident.

Contact Truck Accident Attorneys Today

Our principal attorney, Grant Fox, is licensed in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas, and has more than 15 years of experience helping people injured in auto accidents recover financial compensation for their injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. If negligence was involved, clients may also be able to receive punitive damages from the responsible party.

Whether you were injured by a semi truck on I-55 or I-20 or a bread truck in the grocery store parking lot, we can help. Please contact us today for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

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